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Trash Collection Reminder


Trash Service

Republic Services values safety for its employees and customers as our #1 priority, and it is an absolute in the world we live in today. The latest heat wave has already taken a toll on our men and women in the field, running eight and nine-hour routes in 100-degree temps to serve the citizens in your city while simultaneously battling labor shortages.

We ask our customers to have their trash carts out by 6 am starting July 11 until September 1.

Customers may place their trash carts out on Tuesday night. Please make sure that all trash is secure inside the carts.

Trash carts must be removed from the roadway utility easement 24 hours after trash is picked up on Wednesday.

All trash carts must be out by 6:00 am every Wednesday to be collected.

No personal cans can be used for trash collection, all trash must be bagged, no bulk items will be collected, and trash sitting beside the trash cart will not be collected. 

Customers needing a second trash can will need to contact the city hall. 

Customers must remove their trash carts from the roadway and place them behind the city's right-of-way light pole area by 3:00 pm the day after trash collection. 

Effective September 1, 2020, all trash carts that are not removed from the roadway by 3:00 pm on Thursday following the Wednesday trash collection will be charged $5.00 on their utility bill for the city employees to remove the trash cart customer. 

Trash carts are assigned to each individual property. Do not move trash carts to another address; contact city hall for trash cart placement.